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Let’s talk about the different materials that are used to build our doors. These include solid wood, veneer and laminate as well as glass. How do we avoid getting lost in them? What are their characteristics and properties? How can we choose the door with the best price and functionality? There are more than 3000 models in stock at Belldinni.

Here’s a list of essential components that go into the cost of interior doors pre-finished:

Cost of the wood and the materials used in the frame, door leaf, and decorations is determined.

Door filling: The door can be filled with hollow or solid wood, or it may be hollow.

You have the option of a hinged, bypass, or pocket door mechanism.

Construction of the door leaf as well as its thickness.

Types of door coatings: paper, veneer laminate, enamel, primer, and so on.

Prices for door accessories and fittings

Installation cost

Interior solid wood doors

These are some of the reasons solid wood doors are so popular.

Durability: Doors can withstand heavy operational and impact loads.

Solid wood is more durable than other materials.

Good soundproofing.

Processing Elasticity (solid wood can be used for doors with any surface shape);

The Belldinni range does not have solid wood doors.

Veneer interior doors

Interior doors can be made from natural wood veneer, which significantly lowers their cost. A veneer is a thin piece of wood that is usually 1/40 to 1/8 inches thick. This veneer is used for covering the slab surface. This results in a door that looks like solid wood but costs a fraction of the price.

Characteristics of veneer doors

The veneered surface is resistant to moisture. This protects it from absorption and makes it a great choice for bathrooms. Veneer doors can be installed where humidity is above 80%.

As veneer, natural wood appearance is achieved.

Durability: A veneer door lasts for 10-15 years.

Wax can be used to repair scratches or scuffs in veneer surfaces.

Laminate doors

Laminate materials can be used as a substitute for veneers and make doors more affordable. Belldinni used PP films with natural wood texture for a laminating coat in this case.

Door characteristics with a polypropylene coat


They are very easy to clean.

There are many textures and colors to choose from.

Polypropylene can be used in a variety of applications.

Glass doors

Glass is no longer dangerous or fragile. Modern technology allows doors to be made from tempered glass. It breaks down rather than splintering when broken.

Glass doors benefits

Glass is environmentally friendly as it does not contain harmful chemicals or components.

There are many design options: The glass can be transparent or frosted, stained, stained, and colored, which allows you to transform your interior.

Glass doors disadvantages

Glass does not retain heat so it has reduced thermal insulation.

Glass requires frequent cleaning because fingerprints and dirt are easily visible.

Belldinni doesn’t make glass doors. However, you can find a variety of glazed door models within the door collections.


If you want a door that looks real but is affordable, consider veneered options.

Laminate doors are a good choice if you have children who like to draw, or pets who scratch surfaces.

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