Bongs can be described as large pipes that are used to smoke cannabis. You will often find bongs in souvenir shops, headshops and, of course, dispensaries since cannabis’ widespread legalization. People prefer to use bongs over smoking joints. This is because bongs offer a more intense high and are less wasteful than joints (which we will explore in detail later in this article).

This post will provide some interesting facts about smoking bongs.

Additional Features

Most people picture a bong as a simple pipe made of plastic. There are many bongs to choose from, with some having additional features and accessories. The ash catcher is becoming more popular. This feature is designed to keep ash from getting into your bong water. The bad taste of ash in your bong water can ruin your high. You should research the best ashcatchers if you plan on buying one. Do your research online, review other products, and talk to friends who have used bongs. A freeze chamber is another feature you can purchase. It cools down the bong’s smoke and makes it easier to take a hit.

Stronger Hits

You will be able to tell if you’ve ever smoked a bong that the hits can be quite strong. This is because a bong can give you nearly a joint’s worth in just one hit. It can cause a clogged lungs, hacking, coughing, and even spluttering. A mint or chewing gum can be used under your tongue to counter the harshness and burn from a bong. A great way to make each hit cooler and more enjoyable is to put a chewing gum or mint under your tongue.

Intensely High

You will experience more intense highs when you take stronger hits. You will get high when you smoke a bong. Even if you smoke very little bud, you will still get high. This is because you ingest all the smoke produced by your bud. A bong is a great smoking tool if you enjoy getting high. You will experience a high like no other when you smoke out of a bong.

Cleaning Bonneg

You must clean your bong properly before you smoke out of it. Many people smoke from bongs but don’t clean them. Neglecting to clean your bong could lead to it getting very smelly and dirty. You will have an unpleasant experience if you smoke from a bong that has not been cleaned. You will feel sick from the smoke that you inhale. Always flush your bong with water and clean it with soapy.

Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is a great way to increase your intake of smoke from your bong. Deep breathing is not recommended for amateur marijuana smokers. Deep breathing exercises can be dangerous if you’re new to smoking. Bad trips are often associated with hallucinogens. However, it is possible to get one from marijuana depending on how high.

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Staggering Yourself

Finally, ensure that you are standing straight. The intense high that bongs give off is evident as it has been stated throughout the article. You should not smoke cannabis from a bong if you’re not an experienced smoker. This could lead to you becoming too high and, as we mentioned, could cause a bad experience. If you have a bad experience with cannabis, you will likely end up disliking it and not want to smoke again. Don’t panic and take it easy.

Cannabis is an enjoyable drug to use. You can also use it medicinally. A bong is a good option if you plan to use it. Bongs are more fun and effective than joints, and they are also better for your health. You will save money by not having to purchase rolling paper again.

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