What’s SORN?

SORN stands to notify the Statutory Off Road Notification. This is when you take a vehicle “off the road”, meaning you don’t intend to drive it anymore. It does not require insurance or assessment. This is how you can learn more about it. We want to be clear about what happens when SORN Vehicle expires. Also, what steps you need to take. The SORN status ends when the vehicle loses power, is scrapped, or is returned to normal traffic.

You don’t have to remove the vehicle from the road. A valid MOT and insurance will be required for your vehicle. The number of SORN cars had risen dramatically during the Covid epidemic in late 2019/2020. Many people began bringing their cars back onto the roads after the Covid lockdown in the UK ended.

What can I do to get my car back on the road after SORN.

You have made the decision to bring your vehicle back to the road. You can do this online, over the phone to the DVLA or at a Post Office branch. Before you can drive again, it is important to make sure you have valid auto insurance.

When does my SORN expire if I put my car back on the road?

Your SORN will expire once you have applied for duty on your vehicle. Once your vehicle is fully insured, you can put it back on the road. If my vehicle has a SORN, can I drive it to a garage for an inspection? If you have booked an MOT prior to driving your SORN vehicle, it will be able to be driven to the garage. It is important to make sure you schedule an appointment before you drive your SORN auto. Otherwise, the garage may not be able to confirm that the vehicle has been stopped for an MOT.

You can only drive it on public roads if you are driving an auto that has been SORN to a testing appointment. You could be subject to a forfeiture exceeding toPS 2,500 if you are caught driving a SORN vehicle in any other circumstance.

What happens to a vehicle that was owned by a previous owner?

However, the SORN status will not transfer if you purchase an auto that was registered as SORN by its former owner. If you decide to take the vehicle off the roads, you will need to re-apply to SORN. You can still apply for SORN online. If you are the vehicle’s owner or legal keeper, you can call the DVLA to make an application. You must be registered as the vehicle owner before you apply for SORN. If you don’t have the logbook, you will need to fill out a V62.

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