You’re not the only one wondering how long your literature review should take in a 10,000-word dissertation. This aspect of dissertation writing is a common problem for many students. We are here to help. This blog post will give you tips and advice about how to approach this critical task. Whether you need dissertation writing assistance or simply want to know the length of your literature review, keep reading.

What length must a review of the literature be in a 10000-word dissertation?

A dissertation is simply a longer version of a research paper. A dissertation is composed of the same sections and chapters as a research paper. The only differences are the amount of work done and word count.

What are the primary chapters of a dissertation?


A succinct introduction that outlines the topic/research problem, the thesis statement and the study objectives.

Literature Review:

A careful review of all available literature.


A description of the research procedures


A comprehension of the results and analysis that followed.


The conclusion of the dissertation summarizes all research and reaffirms the topic. It also provides background information and reasoning.

This post will highlight the literature review chapter and show you how to write it.

Let us explain the composition of a dissertation to you!

In response to your inquiry, the length of a literature analysis in a 10,000-word dissertation should not exceed 3,000 words. It’s easy to see how we came up with this estimate. A dissertation’s literature review accounts for 30% of the total word count.

You can divide the conclusions and analysis into discussions and conclusions. This allows you to allocate 5% to the Findings/Results section and 30% to Analysis/Discussions.

This is a general overview of the like take my online course. It may not be accurate and could change from one institute to another. Check with your university to confirm the percentage and make sure you understand the instructions. Dissertation Writing Help may create the guidelines that are specific to your institution’s needs.

How do I write a literature review for my dissertation? What is its purpose?

Literature reviews involve a critical assessment of all publications on the subject. This was stated in the opening of this article. This is just a brief summary of the entire process. It is actually the largest part of your research and accounts for around 30% of the total dissertation.

It is important to review the work of others on the subject and look at all previous publications. It is possible to say that the literature review was based on secondary sources, and doesn’t address any new discoveries.

What goes into a Literature Review

Current and accurate information about the subject

Comprehensive reading and summarising of the key points

A summary of the major ideas, theories, concepts

Analyzing the main ideas, theories, or points

Identifying debatable subject areas

What should I do when choosing my research material?

When you are searching for the right materials to research, it is important that you keep these traits in mind:

The exact subject, goal, question, and title of the assignment.

You will need the following information: theories, regulations, empirical results, and procedures.

There is a wide range of materials that are available, including books, journal articles and research publications.

The type of literature that is most prevalent in the subject area.

There is a lot of research potential in this subject.

There are enough reference samples available.

Different viewpoints should be taken into consideration

The level of relevance and appropriation by the audience of the literature review.

While the internet makes research easier in some ways, it also makes it more difficult for students to find reliable and relevant sources. It is always a good idea keep some literature reviews examples close by for reference, such as older student work on the same topic.

It is your responsibility as a student to ensure that your research does not become too broad or too narrow.

Students often overlook an important point and fail to consider the viewpoint of their audience. The dissertation won’t be read if it doesn’t appeal. It won’t make them feel good and they won’t respect it. When writing, it is important to remember the reader.

How should your Literature Review be Organized?

When reviewing literature for a dissertation that has a UK focus, make sure you follow the format. Your literature review should be centered around your topic and include details about the difficulties and contributions it faces.

Your strategy should be outlined. You should also convey your topic theme. Finally, analyze all the information you have looked at in your main study. Your voice should be yours, but facts must back it up. Do not base your arguments solely on speculation. Make sure to proofread and revise your final product.

If the Literature Review Writing Services Doesn’t Work, Hire One

Literature reviews can be difficult to write, especially if your skills or experience are not sufficient. This can cause significant worry. Asking for assistance from an expert in the field is a smart idea.

To solve all your literature review issues, you can seek help from UK dissertation writing services. Our large team includes writers from many professions who have extensive knowledge in research and writing.


This blog shows that lengths for literature reviews in dissertations of 10000-words vary depending on university guidelines. A good rule of thumb is to include at most 10-15 sources in your literature review. A dissertation writing service is a good option if you are having trouble finding enough sources or struggling to write a literature analysis. You can count on the best UK dissertation writing services to help with every aspect of your dissertation, including literature reviews and data analysis.

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