Bracelets can be considered a special ornament. These materials include jade, gold, silver and jade. Since ancient times, they have been the center of love. It’s like an extension of a woman’s arm, like magic, adding shine to a woman’s moving carcass. People have a deep belief that bracelets are the exclusive accessory for women. This was a broken concept with the advent of modern technology. With bold designs and unique thinking, people added the “masculine” attribute to the bracelet. Men can now wear the “masculine spirit” from that point on. A bracelet can enhance one’s charm. Here are three male-oriented bracelets that can be worn on the wrist.

Viking Bracelet

Vikings loved jewelry. A group of people lived in faraway Norway in the 8th century AD. They cultivated barren land but had the bodies of giants. This nation is bloodthirsty, and it is murderous. They must develop strong characters and bodies because of the harsh environment. The “Viking” teens are starting to learn swordsmanship and fighting at an age when most European children still play with Trojan horses. Sailing is one of the survival skills. The father will present the children with a silver Viking bracelet at the coming-of-age ceremony. They will stay with them until their death in battle. This bracelet is also symbolic of courage. It is the key to “Valhalla”, the place where the “Viking Bracelet” was born.

This “bracelet”, which has been forgotten for over 100 years, is slowly being rediscovered thanks to people’s love of the “Nordic”. European silversmiths remade them using legacy “bracelet” styles, but with their own innovations. The engraved Nordic “runes”, on the other hand, have a more modern look and feel. This combines “courage”, “trend” and “courage”.

Handmade rope bracelet

This bracelet actually comes from “knot”, while the mainstay is from Tibet. Tibetans believe wearing a “knotted rope”, such as the famous “nine-eyed, immortal diamond lock”, can bring “blessings” and “blessings”. A beautiful bracelet is made from a variety of colored ropes. This type of bracelet is thick and thick. It is suitable for men if it has dark colored threads and a metal “head lock”. These bracelets have become more popular in recent years. The first is for faith. The second is for decorative purposes.

Gem composite bracelets

We all know jade, emeralds, turquoise, beeswax and southern red as mineral gemstones. They are used as pendants on weekdays as well as rings and bracelets. However, this is far from their true role. Someone came up with the idea of mosaic! Inlay has the advantage that the pendant can be worn only on the neck but can be “migrated to the arm”! Inlay was initially carried by the universal “silver bracelet”, but people later switched to “cowhide” because it was too bulky. The result was surprising good. This is a popular choice for “leather” lovers.


Bracelets aren’t just for women. Viking bracelets, in particular, are suitable for men. People’s aesthetic tastes are changing and the times are changing.

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