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LEDMAN LEDHUB Interactive Conference AIO: Empowering Collaborative Meetings

LEDMAN continues to push the boundaries of LED display technology with its revolutionary LEDHUB Interactive Conference AIO. This cutting-edge LED display screen combines the power of COB Micro LED technology with an array of impressive features. With independent patents, true color restoration, self-luminous LED panels, a dual system, and rich integrated interfaces, LEDMAN‘s LEDHUB Interactive Conference AIO sets a new benchmark for interactive conference LED display solutions.

COB Micro LED Display Technology

LEDMAN’s LEDHUB Interactive Conference AIO employs COB Micro LED display technology, a groundbreaking innovation that offers exceptional visual performance. The COB Micro LED technology ensures true color reproduction, delivering vibrant and accurate colors that enhance content visibility and engagement. This technology also enables self-luminous LED panels, eliminating the need for backlighting and significantly improving contrast ratios and black levels.

Dual System for Seamless Switching

The LEDHUB Interactive Conference AIO features a dual system, integrating both Android 8.0 and Windows 10 operating systems. This dual system allows for simultaneous running and seamless switching between the two platforms. Users can effortlessly switch between Android and Windows environments, accessing a wide range of compatible software and applications.

Interactive Touchable Panel

The LEDHUB Interactive Conference AIO includes an interactive touchable panel, which elevates cooperation to new heights. The touch-sensitive screen allows users to engage with the content directly, providing an intuitive and engaging experience. The interactive panel allows users to zoom in and out on certain portions of the screen, improving focus and efficiency during meetings.


LEDMAN’s LEDHUB Interactive Conference AIO, driven by COB Micro LED display technology, marks a significant development in the world of interactive conference LED display solutions. By leveraging LEDMAN’s LED display screen, businesses and organizations can elevate collaboration, enhance productivity, and unlock the full potential of interactive meetings.

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