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The Growing Market Demand for AC EV Chargers

As the world shifts towards a more sustainable future, the demand for electric vehicles (EVs) has been steadily increasing. With this rise in popularity, there is also a growing need for efficient and reliable charging infrastructure. One of the key components of this infrastructure is AC EV chargers.

The Importance of AC EV Chargers

AC EV chargers play a crucial role in providing convenient and accessible charging solutions for electric vehicle owners. Unlike DC fast chargers that require high-voltage power sources, AC chargers can be easily installed in homes, workplaces, and public parking areas with standard electrical outlets.


LUOBINSEN is a renowned company established in 2008 with its headquarters located in Dalian, Liaoning Province. It boasts two research and development centers situated in Shenzhen and Dalian respectively. Additionally, it operates three production bases across Dalian, Panzhou, and Jingdezhen. The company has always prioritized innovation in power technology while expanding its market reach.

Over the past decade or so, LUOBINSEN has gained recognition as one of China’s leading manufacturers of new energy vehicle charging equipment by consistently delivering reliable product quality backed by an extensive service guarantee system.

Pioneering High-Power Fast Charging Technology

An impressive achievement by LUOBINSEN was being the first domestic company to invent and apply 450kW high-power fast charging technology. This breakthrough not only showcases their commitment to technological advancement but also positions them at the forefront of the industry.

In addition to their innovative approach to high-power fast charging technology, LUOBINSEN was among the earliest companies within China to produce European standard charging equipment successfully exported overseas.

LUOBINSEN’s Product Range

LUOBINSEN offers a diverse range of products, with their main focus being on HPC chargers (High Power Chargers). These chargers are designed to provide fast and efficient charging for electric vehicles, ensuring minimal downtime for EV owners.

The company’s product lineup also includes AC wall-mounted chargers suitable for residential use, as well as portable and semi-portable options that cater to the needs of businesses and public spaces. LUOBINSEN’s commitment to providing comprehensive charging solutions has made them a trusted name in the industry.

The Growing Market Demand

The market demand for AC EV chargers is witnessing significant growth due to several factors. Firstly, the increasing adoption of electric vehicles globally has created a need for accessible charging infrastructure. As more individuals switch from traditional combustion engine cars to EVs, they require reliable charging solutions at home and in public areas.

Furthermore, governments worldwide are implementing policies and incentives aimed at promoting sustainable transportation. This includes initiatives such as tax credits or rebates for purchasing electric vehicles or installing home charging stations. Such measures further contribute to the rising demand for AC EV chargers.

In conclusion, with the surge in popularity of electric vehicles and the push towards sustainability, there is an undeniable market demand for AC EV chargers. Companies like LUOBINSEN play a vital role in meeting this demand by offering innovative and reliable charging solutions that cater to various user requirements.

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