What is an over/under bet? Unbeaten betting experience with New88

Over/Under betting is a form of soccer betting that is extremely simple and easy to understand. Once a gambler has mastered how to read and play odds, it is very normal to win and own a huge prize. With New88 đăng nhập Discover details about this special genre as well as unbeaten playing experience compiled from experts!

Overview of what is Over/Under Odds?

Football Over/Under betting is currently the most popular form of betting for veteran bettors. This is considered an indispensable bet in any match on betting platforms.

Over/Under betting is used by many players because of its simplicity and extremely high winning rate of up to 50%. You don’t need to impose too much on the winning or losing results of matches. Instead, you just need to pay attention and remember the number of goals scored by both teams from the beginning until the end of the match.

When was football Over/Under betting born?

Soccer Over/Under odds originate from Asia, associated with soccer betting. In most matches from big to small, this type of betting dominates extremely strongly. Therefore, it can be said that the form of betting is the soul of betting matches in sports enthusiasts.

This subject was born to give players more opportunities to choose to bet to make more money. Betting odds are currently in the top of popular bet types in the world. According to experts’ statistics, Over/Under Odds is currently leading both Asian and European handicaps.

Introducing detailed rules for reading Over/Under Odds

It is known that football Over/Under odds are inspired by the game Sicbo. However, it has been reformed to be more suitable for the sports field and suitable for online betting. How to read detailed odds is prescribed as follows:

  • The house will give a betting milestone for players to bet. This bet is determined based on the expert opinion of consultants about the value of a goal in the match.
  • Next, bettors need to analyze and choose the right bet for themselves in Over or Under.
  • In particular, the Over bet has the meaning of predicting that the total goals will be greater than the betting milestone number scored by the two teams, while the Under bet is the opposite.
  • In addition, in this Handicap there is also a Draw. However, it rarely happens and is also applied specifically to some bookmakers. This bet is meant to predict the total result of goals equal to the benchmark number.

Instructions on how to read Over/Under Odds

Once you understand the principles of readingOver/Under betting, players can easily read the exact bet for that day. To know how to read Over/Under football odds, you need to understand a few things:

  • If you bet on Over, the player will win money when the total number of goals is greater than the bet line. And this is similar to when people bet on Under.
  • When the total number of goals is equal to the bet, the house will refund the money to the players on both sides in the condition that a Draw does not appear.
  • If the number of goals initially bet is equal to the predicted number and a Draw appears, at this point, the bettor will win, winning all the money.

For example, the basic way to read Over/Under 2.5 odds is as follows: the player who places money on Over will win if at the end of the match the total goals are greater than 3. In case, the number of goals is less than 3, who bets on The Under bet will receive the entire bonus.

Why is Over/Under betting so popular?

It can be said that Over/Under Betting is currently the most popular betting genre at the moment. So what makes this form so popular? The following content will answer everyone in detail.

The probability of winning is high

It is a game that decides win or loss in only two bets, so the winning rate is up to 50%. Through two betting windows, you will easily make wise decisions once you grasp the match situation. Therefore, this subject is favored by many enthusiasts.

Popular on all betting websites

Popularity is a special point that attracts users. Unlike other types of bets, special Over/Under bets appear in most sports bets at every bookmaker on the market. When the need arises, gamers just need to choose a reputable bookmaker and join the bettors there.

CategoriesNew88 football Recorded that every day there are more than 2,000 people participating in Sic Bo betting. A number that tells the truth, right?

Easy joining form

With a very simple way to participate, Over/Under Odds helps many users easily access this subject more quickly. Players only need to prepare a capital amount and place it in one of the two betting doors, everyone will quickly receive the results after the match ends. However, if you want to achieve many achievements in this subject,Players need to have a lot of experience in reading odds.

Share your experience of playing undefeated Over/Under betting

Over/Under betting in soccer is a very popular subject among all types of sports betting. And to participate effectively, members need to refer to some useful experiences listed below when joining.

Calm and clear mind

Mood is the leading factor when betting on Over/Under football. Participating in Over/Under Betting at bookmakers, bettors will inevitably lose consecutively. This can easily affect your spirit.

Therefore, being calm and wise are the two top options to help enthusiasts make the most accurate decisions. Because this sport is only about probability and entertainment, so if you lose, you should know to stop at the right time. Players always win partly due to luck, so psychology is the deciding factor in the outcome of every game.

Grasp the match situation when playing Over/Under betting

For betting on any match, match information is mandatory for players to understand. This brings high efficiency in your decision to choose a bet. This information revolves around issues such as the starting lineup, the position of the players, competition history or winning rate over the seasons,…

Once you understand the above data, predicting Over/Under odds and choosing bets is extremely easy. Furthermore, using the ability to analyze information well, players will make more tactical decisions.

Have a stance, don’t follow the crowd

Following the majority is both beneficial and sometimes harmful and has a significant impact on the final outcome. For beginners, betting on the board is acceptable because you do not have much experience. But, once you are a veteran bettor, everyone should have their own calculations and judgments, so that when they don’t get what they want, they won’t have to regret it.

Following the majority can happen in cases where the participating players are all veteran bettors. Therefore, you can choose to “cling” to them to feel secure about the results. However, do not over-rely and abuse it in any case. The best thing to do is to believe in yourself, make your own decisions and accept the final results.


All information about Over/Under Odds has just been compiled by New88 and shared with bettors through the detailed article above. Hopefully through this content, you will get useful betting information and win the biggest bonus. Don’t forget to visit New88 and bet now on your favorite team!

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