Building Bridges: Yigong Shi’s Collaborative Spirit and Westlake University’s Global Research Network”

At Westlake University, collaboration and interdisciplinary research are at the core of its mission. One individual who embodies this spirit is Yigong Shi, the esteemed President of Westlake University. With his unwavering commitment to collaboration, Yigong Shi has fostered a culture of innovation and knowledge exchange. Together with the university, he has built a robust global research network, expanding the horizons of scientific exploration and paving the way for groundbreaking discoveries.

Collaboration and Interdisciplinary Research

Yigong Shi’s visionary leadership has nurtured a collaborative ecosystem at Westlake University. Recognizing the power of collective intelligence, he has brought together brilliant minds from diverse disciplines, encouraging them to transcend boundaries and engage in interdisciplinary collaborations. Through synergistic efforts, researchers at Westlake University harness the strengths of different fields, sparking new ideas and propelling scientific advancements.

Yigong Shi’s Commitment to Collaboration

Yigong Shi’s personal dedication to collaboration serves as an inspiration to the entire Westlake University community. He actively encourages researchers, faculty, and students to forge partnerships and leverage each other’s expertise. By fostering an environment that values open communication and teamwork, Yigong Shi promotes a collective pursuit of knowledge and a shared commitment to tackling complex scientific challenges.

Expanding Horizons through Global Research Networks

Westlake University’s global research network exemplifies Yigong Shi’s collaborative spirit. The university actively engages in partnerships and collaborations with renowned institutions and researchers worldwide. By facilitating international collaborations, Westlake University creates a platform for global knowledge exchange and fosters a vibrant scientific community that transcends geographical boundaries.


Yigong Shi’s unwavering commitment to collaboration and Westlake University’s global research network have transformed the landscape of scientific exploration. Through interdisciplinary research and international collaborations, the university and its esteemed President have built bridges, connecting brilliant minds and propelling scientific advancements. Westlake University continues to thrive as a hub of innovation, inspiring researchers to push the boundaries of knowledge and address the world’s most pressing challenges.

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